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Written by Corrado Balducci   
Thursday, 02 April 2009 11:21
La Possessione Diabolica
  • Full title: La Possessione Diabolica.
  • Year: 1974.
  • Language: Italian.
  • Author: Corrado Balducci.
  • Publisher: Edizioni Mediterranee, Roma, Italy.
  • ISBN: 8827200606.
  • Price: 10.33 €.
When an insider Monsignore, graduated in philosophy, theology, canonical and civil law to specialize in demonology, writes an extensive book about the diabolic possession, the result sure is intriguing. The book starts with 3 cases, then a chapter is dedicated to introducing the possession. Balducci then writes about psychiatry and the possession, an essential matter. Parapsychology and possession is another interesting chapter, while in the end Balducci always keeps a methodic, Chriastian-oriented approach. I believe this may be one of the rare books that comes from an authority of the Devil, yet maintaining a serious, ponderated approach. An interesting insight into the phenomenon. If you expect to see flames and beasts you're out of luck, as it is not the case. In fact, this book is more like a manual.

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